Chicago Bandera de 3x5 Pies al aire libre de Nylon Bandera Con Estrellas de Doble Cosido Cosido, Arandelas de Latón Y Vibrante de la Uv

Etiquetas: xrz 102 reloj de los hombres.

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  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • 1: Chicago Bandera
  • Número De Modelo: Chicago Bandera


Bohay Ng Gangster
this is absolutely not as described, this is absolutely not nylon material with sewn segments and embroidered stars. I received a very cheap polyester napkin quality flag. Poorest quality, because you can find excellent polyester flags on aliexpress. The promised free decal wasn't also in my package. I contacted the seller about this and there wasn't a single answer. I've been had.

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